The puppy should be vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed at the first breeder. It should go to the new owner around 8 weeks of age due to the socialization period.

Vaccination is recommended with a combined vaccine with annual repetition.

By law, every dog must be vaccinated against rabies and chipped. The state register of dogs still does not exist.

Deworming should ideally follow feces examination. The frequency of preventive deworming should depend on the possibility of infection.

It is recommended to protect dogs against ticks from March to October.

Castration is recommended during puberty period.





The kitten should be dewormed and vaccinated during the period they are still staying with their mum.

After 8 weeks of age, the kitten should go to a new home.

Cats also have a combined vaccine with an annual booster.

Deworming of outdoor cats should take into account their hunting activity.

Outdoor cats should be protected against fleas year-round and against ticks during the summer. Most preparations work on both.

Castration is recommended during puberty, which in cats is around 6 months of age. Ideally from the spring before the first molting.



Every horse should be vaccinated against tetanus from 3 months of age.

Horses traveling to races or moving outside the region must be vaccinated against flue and have a negative blood test for equine infectious anemia.

Deworming is recommended after coprological examination of feces both spring and autumn.

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